1. Busy Tone

From the recording BEAVERCREEK

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Busy Tone       By: Howie Askay

Headed down that old road tonight
I look in the mirror to catch a sight
Of my sweet home town with that familiar smell
Fresh cut hay and that old church bell

Just as the dawn puts the night to rest
A funny thought starts running through my head
I take out my phone and I start to dial
And get a busy tone, so I wait a while

BRIDGE: I turn right round and I think about us lately
The way you look when I sing my songs
The way you act when I’m taking long

CHORUS: I would never miss a day
If your skin grew soft and your hair turned grey
If the crows had landed on your eyes and cheeks

Even if your mind grows thin
And the stairway to heaven starts to begin
Arm and arm we’ll climb the highest peak

Pulling up our gravel drive
I’m hardly awake from being sleep deprived
An unfamiliar car is parked in my spot
The electric is out so I start to get hot

Walking through our kitchen door
I grab a flashlight that’s hidden in the back of a drawer
Your mom turns the corner from the bathroom hall
And says she’s only staying for a night or so


As I enter through our bedroom door
You are laying in the same spot you were before
With the sheets pulled tight and the dog on the bed
You notice my eyes and how they were red

You ask how come your home so soon
Did something happen, happen to you
I’ve been on the phone with my mom all night long
The electric is out and she couldn’t stay calm.       BRIDGE, CHORUS