Howie Askay -  Producer, Song Writer and Recording Artist,  has been a staple in the rock music scene for over thirty years.  Based out of Portland Oregon, he has been a compass for others to follow in the world of music.  With over ten albums on his shelf as a recording artist, he is constantly pushing the boundaries of his abilities as a song writer.  As much as he loves the process of writing and performing, his passion envelops producing music for other artists.  His vast production work consists of producing  albums for several record labels,  radio and tv commercials, movie and game soundtracks,  documentaries and an uncountable number of live events since the early 1990's.  Music has taken Howie on a global adventure of a lifetime.  He loves to drop in on a session unannounced to put an ear on someones project.  His motto is "An artist can sometimes wear many blindfolds,  it's up to me to strip them off and offer another direction for them to travel along." 
      Howie is the type of person who keeps a very low profile.  He chooses to keep his name off of many projects so he can stay anonymous.  He believes there is power in ones anonymity.  He states, "Without seeking recognition one can be translucent and have complete truth when offering an opinion on someones project."  Furthermore, "There are no hidden agendas and nothing owed or underlined."  
     His talents are comprised of being a self taught guitar player, singer, piano player and drummer.  He is versed on the technology of today and uses various programming, sequencing and editing software to sharpen his expertise.   His knowledge of the analog world from days gone by is second to none.  Having been practically raised in and around analog based studios from all over the Northwest, his production proficiency, engineering and mastering abilities are focused on adhering to strict timelines that targets the best results for his clients.
     Howie has also been in the alt-rock band Plain Jayne since 1997 and with them he has released albums, DVD's, toured, traveled and given his audiences a show that will be remembered for years to come.    
     His most recognized albums to date include LAST OF A THOUSAND THEORIES, BEAVERCREEK, WILL HELM SCREAM and THE THREE FACED MAN.  Howie's  newest album "SHADOW PUPPETS AND MY LITTLE BABOON,"  is available now.  This is Howie's fourth solo album.  Consisting of 30 very diverse acoustic tracks.  He has found a way to come full circle with this new album stepping back into the analog world.  Having grown up on a farm in his small town of  Beavercreek Oregon, he spent his childhood listening to the great producer who would become the legends he would learn to fallow.
      Howie challenges his audience to find their own truth in his music, while taking them on a journey through his mind. 
     "I love to write about experiences that I've gone through in my life.  Being completely translucent and honestly exposed with my lyrics is how I feel a song should be written.  Nothing is sacred and no one is off limits.  That's how I express myself and how we can learn from one another."  
     We hope you will take the time to put your ears upon Howie's music, we believe there is something in those songs that can color your day with a different shade of light.