Lyrics -

     The Three Faced Man Concept Album     

                                                Written By: Howie Askay




Back, was it broken down

Eyes, you’ve given up

Self, time to hold on

Young, utter your luck

Now, why carry on

Left, to whom you wake up

Stones, to far to cary

Alone, get out of my gut  (let me alone get out)


Right or wrong, I have tried

To pull you out, right by my side

What path you take, it was yours to choose

It won’t be long, your path to loose


Save, is all I have left

Out, step for a step

Try, you wont take more

Walk, walk out my door

Laugh, we use to cry

Thoughts, blow out my mind

Change, let’s go to war

Can, come back through my door  (if you can well then walk through my door)






I know you won’t break me

Your faith loves to not see


You wine, your through, you won’t say to me


Write on white-out, don’t mean nothing




I pray alone

I cry alone

I left before

Somewhere unknown 




I try to rhyme

From all of mine

Made no tension

Try to save life





I hold on

One more song

Choose what’s right

How words go blind


And here’s all I’ve found

I’m just a clown


Blind      (CHORUS)






I walk right back to you just to see what you would say

Another moment comes that changes day to day

I whisper in your ear come with me for a while

You said no thanks and then you left me with a smile


Ry? La? Schizophrenia


I must of called a hundred times just to talk with no reply

Every other thought I have is with you and some other guy

I know I’ve seen his face before walking with you and your friends

If tomorrow doesn’t dawn a day this will be another end

I wake to the sound of a knock coming from my door

It was just my mind tricking me it told me to hold you a little more


Ry? La? Schizophrenia


Ry La you told me to hold you

Ry La you asked me to love you  

Ry La you told me to hold you

Ry La you asked me to love you


Ry? La? Schizophrenia






Open the door, see its you, and a friend, maybe two

What you want, want to see, the way you live, playing hide and seek

Seek, seek, seek, seek

Just seek





Round and round you laughing at me

All these people with a bad disease

Twist and turn haven’t you heard

Making fun your about to learn


Run a round ain’t about the sound      X4



I won’t follow you, You’d go crying to



Tease me once it wont be twice

Cause I’ll forget that were playing nice

Whats wrong with you, why can’t you please

Your just a person with a social disease


Run a round ain’t about the sound      X4







See the sky, birds will fly


(CHORUS)   Break down, break down and fly


Ocean waves, sleep all day




(Bridge)   Rain won’t save me from my feelings

               Though it takes all day         FLY


It’s afternoon, light the moon


(Chorus)    (Bridge)




Thou Shalt Not Fall, Thou Shalt Not Die, 

Thou Shalt Not Kill, Thou Shalt Not Kill


I remember that time and place when I learned his name and I saw his face

Just to look up at the top of the man you can see how many people wouldn’t understand

With his evil eyes and his chilling stair, you can shake his hand hard I wouldn’t even dare

One thing that I can attest to prove the man is here to save me and you


In fact just the other day I was feeling down on my luck he stepped up and he got in my truck

I started to explain why shit is so bad he said smile it ain’t that bad

See we all have a bad day maybe one, two, three or more

See it’s all up to you and how you walk through a door




Everyday he sends a lyric, its just a testament to his spirit

It’s such a blessing to hear his songs especially when the days go long

It’s a window to his mind, when he writes them down

A path I like to follow while staring at the ground

It’s a he said, she said while making a move

Giving us something, something to prove


Now when he was younger he made mistakes and fucking faced them all

Hand cuffs don’t bother a man when he can eye the devil and make him fall

Sole’ turned that day around and got his back up off the ground

With a purpose he will bind, hold his candle and let it shine




I see the pain down deep in his eyes, it’s a mark that he can’t disguise

A scared up beast of a man, another victim who has lost his dad

A subject I know very little about, he keeps it that way while I’m left with doubt

Well I hope he knows I’m always here, I need a moment to shed a tear


Sole’ stands up to this day, a man who has something more to say

With nothing left to prove, all he has left is just the truth

If you have nothing left to share, then with that cross he will bear

Weather or not you might need a hand, at your side he will stand





Six steps to crawling, one starts with falling

Three suck up your pride, two don’t you ever lie



You can like the sound of me, holding on to the thought that I’ll make you free

Inch by inch I’ll let you down and you’ll be crawling, crawling on the ground



I’d like to run away, never turn your sky’s gray

When I have hurt you, it’s just what I’m used to


Go tell your mom and dad, about the monster you have had

They’ll be talking right with a wall, now your left with a little fall


(Bridge) - (Chorus)



Pass             (For Howie, Isaac, Keawe and JoJo)  


When your with me and the sky is about to fall

You’ll hear laughter, it’s just my way to take it all

It seems so hopeless to be afraid to end with just one smile

Let go of your sadness and lets just stay here for a while


(Chorus)Let’s pass in the night time and when that time comes we’ll just let it go (I lay me down), and say goodbye to all I’ve known


We’ll go through that doorway to see the light before it starts to shine

Just take my hand love and I’ll walk you through to the other side

This place is forever, unless we want to take another try

Look at our kids there, were with them forever standing next to their side







Looking through this broken glass you see a million reflections of who I use to be and every thing I am, I want to see if there is you and me


Running down in through the field I see a million blades of grass that grows so high, I see a blue birds eye when I began to think if there is you and me


Write it down loud, write it down loud,  you and me


If the picture on the wall stares back at you and then you find a smile with in its stare, remember its just you and me, you and me


Fire burns sand into glass, you forget to ask who broke the glass, it’s the simple thing that got us here, it’s me, it’s you and me


Write it down loud, write it down loud,  you and me






Late one day Sarah took the pain 

From every person who walked that day

She would hold the flag that stands 

Liberty under God and man

But what she would miss is who stands at arms 

To prevent the rights for ours

Now she’s faced with what is right or wrong 

So she decides that she’ll TAKE THEM ON


Stand up, Fight now, For you, For me





Now Freddie had a simple life, taking out toys for the yard

He always carried a pillow and a bag full of marshmallow Lucky Charms


Now his mom would drop him at daycare to a man so she could work

He was trusted all over town but it turns out he’s a complete fucking jerk


(Chorus)Blinded by the riddle

That trust so seldomly hides

You never know a person

Until luck runs out and fate chooses sides


Carmen she works for a military man who treats her with complete respect

Brian tells her she’s the most amazing gal and gives her a pat on her back


But Judy witnessed the affectionate paw and it turns out he was let go

Cause Judy wanted carmen all for herself, It’s something Carmens husband will never know




All these questions hidden out of sight

No regrets until one has to fight

Now their faced with honesty

Ugliness is revealed today


Blistering in a wintery cell is Morgans last hope for a home

He was framed for a crime that he didn’t commit now he’s left there all alone

Maggie the lawyer who didn’t seek the truth, lays at home in a nice warm bed

Her life is about to run out of time as the real killer is about to be fed







Well I need a little road song

Something to fill my day

Take me back through my memories 

So I can sing along the way


Now I can try to hang up and drive


Start the tape from the beginning

If it doesn’t want to play

I’ll fold a little paper match book

And jam it on top of the tray


Now I can try to hang up and drive


I see a person trying to pass me

I catch her on her phone

Try and get her attention

It seems that no one is home


Now I can try to hang up and drive


Why’d you want to ignore all that we worked so hard for, I can’t tell you more




(Chorus)  Where should we go?  (Stay in love, stay in love with me)


Here’s a toast to you, hope you like what I say

I just want to thank you, and all that you do every day

Why you fell for me I’ll never know

But if you stay with me, my heart will always glow



I remember that time over on Airport Way

We were just talking about how life was going to be

Lights shine from behind, the police have something to say

You said that you were fine, I think that you should leave    (Chorus)



Where does the wind blow, outside my door

Where does the water go, when it falls through the floor

Where is my memories, when they start to fade

What does it matter, If I should stay





Big black dark cloud hanging over me

Let me get this right that you say you want to see

Men and women everywhere fighting for their rights

Making plans to go to war so lets begin this fight


Stupid fucking president doesn’t have a clue

What this country means to us, does not know what to do

You and I could get it right if you listen to what we say

Let all people have freedom now it begins today


FIND YOU RIGHTS.  (one time, one time, one time mother fucker)


I heard in a movie one time a kid use the word called “REDRUM”

Now I wish someone would turn it around so you would be called dead-dumb

Now Trump was a phrase I heard as a kid to use in a card deck

Now its just a name for a man in a place, understand that he’s not my president

So fuck you and fuck a little bitch who likes a man dead where he stands

Now it’s time for you to go and call it quits, your little mans show

Hang up that towel and dry yourself completely off

This country is choking, now hold my nuts I need to cough






Witches open up the door and puts a spell on you

Then you find yourself alone

Darkness seems to eat the light, then you search for arcs of fire

But only find psalms 9


(Chorus)When in your passion you should flee

Will you follow me to sleep

And in your head you will stay

Cause you are away


The potion brings happy thought, everything and all is there

It pulls you back in through all time

If you fail to bring me home I will promise I will lie

So that you can search for more







I bumped my knee on a piece of pine

Thought it hurt but I didn’t seem to mind

Makes me proud when I think about it 

Cause I use to take it personal and it made me want to quit


Time to time I think about a day

When my cousins cam over as I began to say

You should jump off the roof, you can really fly

So he kicked me in the fucking teeth and told me I could die


(Chorus) Promises, Promises equal rock and roll

Get it through your head that I am in control


When I go back I think about home

And all the times I told my sister that she is no alone

I would throw a dart and catch her in the arm

Its all in a day while living on a farm

Her PBJ was thrown on the ground

She chased me out the door to hunt me down

With a gun in hand she pulled the trigger

Bullets wizzing by my head, that’s my little sister




Now that day is done and gone on by

I think I can look back and see a nice guy

One who wants to change and get things right

It started back then and not overnight


Now when you call my name I am always there

To pick up the pieces I think it’s only fair

Well we get one shot it’s a very short time

If you want a little more you can have some of mine






Dress up nice, to say I do

You walk to me, how lucky I am to be with you

Take my hand, walk down with me

And introduce the two luckiest people that can be


(Chorus)Though were here to celebrate the sun and the moon

The nights, the days, you and me


We’ll make our home nice to see

A place for us to live together in harmony

We’ll love our kids and grow them well

Teach them to care, only life and time will tell




If its not environmental than what is it

If its not political than what is it

If its not experimental than what is it

If its not governmental than what is it

If its not instrumental than what is it

If its not monumental than what is it


(Chorus) RAPE,  their fucking me


If I’m not suicidal what am I

If I’m not argument than what am I

If I’m not temperamental than what am I

If I’m not sentimental than what am I

If I’m not transcendental than what am I

If I’m not detrimental than what am I




I see people all over this world that are fucked up.

Nobody wants to help each other, its every man woman and child for themselves.

We’ve got to make a change, we’ve got to stand up.

We’ve got to speak our minds, cause in the end there is nobody here for you.









Parked outside, waiting for you

When you take your time, I don’t mind


(Chorus)We stand in line everyday

30 percent of life will decay


We were freeway bound, on I-405

Were in a traffic jam, the hours are all archived




Waiting in line for a chance to proceed forward

Everyday of our lives is eaten by standing in line  (we wait)






Living strong it wont be long you hit me right between the eyes

Jump inside I won’t be blind by your terror through the night

I’m lost in time, I can’t go back to where I was before

And now I’m faced with this travesty of a segregated war

I look at you, you look at me and we see each other blind

Take a step and look at me with another frame of mind

I’m so tired of taking sides, it’s about to make me sick

If your my best friend or family your such a hypocrite


(Chorus)We’re headed for the rabbit hole

We’ve got to gain control

Put your feet into my shoes

At the worst you’ll be amused

Take me back to those days where we reveled in the sun

Well it took just a few bad years to unspool everyone

He sits there in his office of oval’d wall delights

Ruling barks and order to feed his appetite

You forgot who you work for and for us we will defend

All our rites and freedoms the constitution will amend

In the end it’s not the years in your life that counts

It’s the life that’s in your years, whenever your in doubt