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New Album - Shadow Puppets And My Little Baboon

Worldwide Release

Shadow Puppets And My Little Baboon is a 30 song, all acoustic album. "I've always wanted to go back to the days of analog. The days where it was just an instrument, a room, a microphone and a tape machine connected to a great console. Those days are long gone unless you have access to that kind of equipment. Luckily, Hobo Studio's had everything and more at my disposal. I needed the challenge of experimenting enough to find the sound that I heard in my head and capture it on tape. Placing a microphone (or many microphones) in a room to produce a reverb or delay. To get that perfect performance in one take." What Howie has captured is an acoustical performance that sounds electrified, without using amps or effects. He chose to use all acoustical instrumentation, even if he had to learn an instrument he'd never played before, he was willing to quickly learn and rise to the challenge. Being that this is Howie's fourth solo studio album, he strode to give his audience something totally fresh and of quality. "I am very proud how this album depicts my life lyrically for the year 2023. It's almost like a scrapbook from that year, without being completely biographical." Howie invited some amazing songwriters and musical guests to complete his vision for this album. "Everyone worked so hard to finish this album. The songs are amazing. It really shows that with a lot of hard work and a little luck, we can create magic."