Plain Jayne Info

  • Plain Jayne has been working on upcoming solo acoustic album for Howie.  The album is going to be called, Shadow "Puppets And My Little Baboon."  It will feature a couple Plain Jayne songs including, Mr. Humphrey.
  •  New Album OUT NOW. Get your physical and downloadable copy HERE or download on any online or streaming app.​​​​​ This album is a 17 song heavy hitter.  While the guys have spent the last year finishing up their masterpiece, they have committed to bring rock back to its former domination of styles.  

After living life for just over seventeen years, Plain Jayne has made their way into multiple studios to record the long awaited seventeen song, self titled album called PLAIN JAYNE. They decided to re-record their first album SHELTER, due to its disappointing sound quality that they were forced to release back in 1997. 

"Our first album has always been one of our biggest regrets. When the opportunity came around to re-record it, we were finally able to get it right." Howie Askay, PLAIN JAYNE. 

The sonic results are much like comparing a grain of sand to Mt. Everest. They were able to capture a prism of auditory experiences for their listeners too seize. They also offer four brand new songs along with three live performances that were recorded in their hometown of Portland, Oregon. 

"We worked so hard to give our fans something that we believe they will absolutely love. They have stuck with us after all these years and we are very pleased to offer them something we are so proud of." Ronnie Gilmore, Plain Jayne